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The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

This event has already taken place.Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 – 11 pm, through Feb. 9;
72-Photo of Arthur and Butter Churn

A comedic saunter down the murky iambic back alleys of England’s wickedly sly preeminent 16th Century poet of the perverse. Arthur fuses irresponsible humor with a deep love of language, poetry, and the humanities for an evening of convulsive laughter and surprising insight. Blending the profane with the elegant and the subversive with the illuminating, the wholly-original libertine Arthur Greenleaf Holmes takes the stage to bring us such hits as the insightful “Ode to an Extremely Provocative Knothole,” the prepubescent lament “Mother, Will My Stones Drop?,” and his crowning achievement “I Built My Love a Menstrual Hut.” Forced to find its way out of a dark and dusty corner of the Smithsonian amidst a landscape of uninspired current pop events, news-feed minutiae, and a non-nutritional diet of cat videos, The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes fuses melodic language with an utter disregard for decent society to delight the well-read and casual Philistine. From college professors to the noble laborer, the NPR set to the barroom biker crowd—this is an evening tailor-made for the pervert of distinction. David Rosenberg directs.