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The Makanda Project Presents the Music of Dr. Makanda Ken McIntyre

October 23, 2022, 4:30 pm6:30 pm.
Makanda Project 2


One Breath Rising and Continuum Culture & Arts are thrilled to present The Makanda Project for their Brooklyn debut!

We are thrilled to present the Brooklyn debut of the Makanda Project, a 13-piece ensemble that has become an important part of the Boston jazz scene. Led by pianist, bandleader and arranger, John Kordalewski, the Makanda Project explores and celebrates the richness of the unrecorded music of multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator Dr. Makanda Ken McIntyre.

Makanda, who lived and taught in New York, was known primarily for leading his own ensembles and had 12 recordings as a leader– performing on alto saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, oboe and bassoon.  But he was also a prolific composer. When Makanda died in 2001, his family found over 350 pieces that had not been recorded. John has written arrangements to over 60 of Makanda’s compositions. They are marked by a distinctive rhythmic and lyrical quality that will surprise and delight you.  Makanda’s compositions cover a wide range, including “straight ahead” jazz pieces, gorgeous ballads, pieces based on complex rhythmic structures, calypsos, and “free jazz” pieces.


286 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

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