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The [Little Known] Multicultural History of Women & Music / All of Us Finding Our Own Voice

March 12, 6 pm7:30 pm.

Celebrate Women’s History Month at Sheepshead Bay. Judy Gorman will perform music and lead a engaging workshop discussing the Multicultural History of Women!

Through presentation and discussion, identify what inhibits, inspires and frees each of us!

Women were the world’s first slaves/property. It is from patriarchy that sexism, racism, slavery, capitalism, war and environmental destruction developed. While humans have made music for at least the last 60,000 years, patriarchy is only about 6,000 years old. Patriarchy is not human nature, not natural history and only very recent human history…it needn’t be our future or destiny.

Fully knowing our little known history AND “finding / using our voice” through creating music can be transformative. It physically and biochemically strengthens our brains and helps us enrich our lives as individuals and as a community. Exploring this is the aim of this workshop.



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