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The Creative Feminine: Energy, Movement & Breath (a meditation series)

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, through Dec. 21, 2022;
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Join a New Women Space class taught by Kissey Asplund for a 4-week creative meditation series where you can blossom into your creative feminine. In this series you may experience releases from creative blocks, enhance creative flow, improve presence, and learn how to create while embodying your complete feminine energy.
The classes will include relaxation, gentle movements, and breathwork; increasing the energy flow of your mind-body connection. You can do the classes while sitting, standing, or laying down. The creative feminine series is open to all bodies and skillsets.

*A limited number of mats are available for use in the space. Feel free to bring your own mat*

Tickets can be purchased via the link.

11/30 Class 1: The feminine-energy and the inner connection of you

Learn how to use breath work and meditation to connect with your personal feminine energy. You will also learn how to use energy and meditation to power your creativity.


12/7 Class 2: What does grounding have to do with it? — self-love and the energy of creativity

In this guided meditation you will learn how to ground yourself into your body to activate your enhanced creative state. Kissey will discuss the new definition of self-love, and how grounded self-love and creativity naturally energize each other.


12/14 Class 3: Downloads! How to hone the download process

Today, we will activate your energy of innovation and ideas. You will learn how to execute a “clean download” during meditation. Downloads are the human process of transferring creative energy-maps from our elevated awareness (spirit) into our body. All artist and creatives use this process, and the better you become at it, the clearer you can action what you envision.


12/21 Class 4: You are the major key — How your actions must be based in your feminine

This meditation is all about activating your action potential—your “doing”! Now, we are going to integrate all parts and use your feminine energy as the catalyst. The goal with this meditation is for you to understand the next steps in your creative process, projects, and endeavors.


About Kissey:
Kissey Asplund is a creative consultant specializing in the process of generation & creative subatomic energy. She is the founder of the creative wellness website Generation Watts. Asplund has gained international recognition as a music producer, multi-disciplinary artist, and DJ. Her journey of researching how to use meditation to enhance creativity began at 17 in Stockholm. Today, she teaches others how to use meditation to optimize their energetic performance and live in creative wellness.


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Brooklyn, NY 1211 United States