The 29th Commemoration of the MAAFA

Event Details

Sun, Sep 17, 2023 at 8:00 AM

St.Paul Community Baptist Church, 859 Hendrix St, NY, 11207
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St. Paul Community Baptist Church (SPCBC) is gearing up for the return of “The MAAFA,” an annual experience remembering the suffering endured by Africans who were enslaved and brought to America through the Middle Passage. The MAAFA (Mah-Ah-Fah), is the Swahili term for “disaster, terrible occurrence or great tragedy.” Over the course of the 8-day MAAFA Commemoration (Sep 17th – 24th). Speakers will conduct teachings and discussions about historical and current issues facing the Black community. This year’s focus for the MAAFA is to center children by teaching them African American history.