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Spirituality Week NYC | NŪR: A Choral Sound Bath

June 3, 7 pm8:30 pm.
NŪR (10)

Join us for a blissful fusion of two powerful healing modalities: choral music and traditional sound healing rituals. 🌀 Prepare to be transported beyond this earthly realm 🪐 as we bring together the ethereal voices of our 8-person vocal ensemble with the ancient and transformative sounds of healing instruments.

This program will nod to a variety of spiritual traditions and religions, celebrating the divine light (or “NŪR”) that shines within us all. ✨ Featuring repertoire honoring everything from mystic Islam to Paganism to traditional Christianity and more, we will come together in a spirit of harmony and inclusivity to pay tribute to the diversity of our shared human experience. 🙏🏻 (Plus, there will be a very special arrangement of Radiohead’s Pyramid Song) 🔺

Whether you’re a lover of choral music, a dedicated meditator, or simply looking for a unique and uplifting experience, this event is for you. Bring your most open and authentic selves, and let us love you. 🌸