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Spanish Harlem Dance Festival 2022

Sept. 15, 2022 – 17, 7 – 9 pm,
One stop light size

Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest is a dance festival that celebrates the culture of Latinos in America, and their place in it, reflecting the diversity that Latin America culture embodies. It will feature eight (8) dance artists with hybrid choreographic practices, who hold the stories of lived cultural experiences of Latinos in America. Unfolding emotions in motion the festival holds four components:
The Fest: Dance shows on stage, seven choreographic works with 22 dancers will take the stage from Sep 15 to Sep 17
Choreographers Talk: post-show conversations between dance creators and audience, conducted by special guests: Angelica Guvernez, Alejandra Geithner and Rhina Valentin.
Dancing Strokes Exhibition: This exhibition plays with theoretical concepts of movement, light and rhythm; and how those elements can insinuate motion and create the impression of “action”. It invites the viewer to find the link between a live dance aesthetic and that being reflected in the artwork. Artist Participants: Alfredo Mele, Jon Barwick, Kadeem Bancroft, Uniko Bermudez, Manny Vega, Josh Klatt, Carlos David, Gustavo Fernández, John McGee, Marc Bruxelle, Jefte Valle, Ana Soto and artists Raynaldo Castro & Manny Vega will perform body painting on dancers’ bodies. Curated by Gustavo Fernandez On display from Sep 07 to Sep 18. The exhibition will takes lobby and gallery at El Barrio’s Artspace.
the festival is headed by Artistic Director and Choreographer Elliott Ortiz. Dance10 Project intends to provide opportunities for positive exposure and career advancement in dance making to underrepresented, especially Latinos, dance artists of color and LGBTQ members. And, to expand the creative force around contemporary dance by increasing the audience’s knowledge.
Festival is presented by El Barrio’s Artspace & Artspace Projects Inc, with the collaboration of Wonder Moments Inc, and partially funded by LMCC, UMEZ, Mertz Gilmore Foundation.
Festival will take place at El Barrio’s Artspace in East Harlem New York City, from Sep 07 (exhibition opening), Dance performances (open Sep 15) and closes at Sep 17. More info: www.d10projectnyc.com
Free tickets on Eventbrite: Spanish Harlem Dance Festival Free Tickets Dance Shows

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