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This event has already taken place.Thursdays – Saturdays, 8 – 9:30 pm, through Dec. 16, 2023; Sundays, 2 – 3:30 pm, through Dec. 17, 2023;

In this matrilineal, dark humor landscape, the lonesome and forgotten search for new connective tissue, mundane chaos + ancient desires reign, and the trees await a return.


Leonie Bell
Caroline Burkhart
Rawya El Chab
Lianne Elsouki
Marcella Murray
Julliette Holliday
+ Hanna Westi


On the edge of a city: Lottie the Librarian and her adoptive grandmother Tante Eunice Geld secretly live in their garden allotment. Witches sing night-time songs around the last sacred grove in the neighborhood in preparation of a death party. Teenage daughter Susi Schmidt schemes to finally join her long-lost father in America and Mama keeps a secret that is eating her from the inside out. An ancestral forest beckons, and Dietrich, child to Mom in the Moon, attempts jazz. Choral song + pedestrian movement; performed in German, English, and Denglish.