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Prowling the Abyss

This event has already taken place.June 23 – 25, 8 – 9 pm,
What if the world was Femme?
At Medusa’s comedy club, the host is no longer the Medusa of myth (though she’ll tell you the tale – as she remembers it). She is a lipstick lesbian battling the patriarchy that tried to kill her eons ago. Her weapon? Stand-up comedy! With some very unusual takes on historic and mythic events, her “tight ten” runs a bit long, and what she considers “relatable content” ranges from her salad days with Sappho to sicking the harpies on her least favorite Supreme Court religious extremists.   

The other “comics,” all played by Brooklyn artist Karen Anne Light in this solo play, absurdly express parts of the Femme archetype, provoking Medusa into deeper truths. Butter Sandwich strains to share poetic insights about her favorite dish, but she’s so exhausted she can’t get off the floor. Tremble Lip, a breathy, sweet femme just wants to ride in cars, drinking milkshakes with the butch of her dreams. Together, these characters mend a fragmented and forgotten Femme mythology.

“Light’s has a winning character in Medusa…[her] high concept show finds other aspects of the female psyche taking the stage, and Light smartly differentiates her characters.” – The Orlando Sentinel, Matthew J. Palm

“In this gonzo performance art piece… Light’s reimagined monster is a queer femme icon […] there is certainly something hypnotic about her…”.The Orlando Weekly, Seth Kubersky

“Powerful, beautiful, and intensely dynamic”-Krysti Reif, HHN

Intensely poetic and delightfully avant garde exploration of Greek mythology and queer femininity.” -audience member

Prowling the Abyss
The Vino Theater
274 Morgan Ave, E. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Created & Performed by Karen Anne Light
Direction & Dramaturgy by Elizabeth Baron
with Music by Amos A
Go to www.sourgrapesproductions.com or www.karenannelight.com to get tickets (just $20 each).


274 Morgan Avenue, Suite #201
Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States