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Pork Side Ranch Presents: Egged to Death: an Easter Murder Mystery

March 30, 7 pm8:30 pm.

Murder is risen….That’s right, leaders from this nation’s top mega-church have perished in the parish, and that’s no yolk! This Easter Weekend, Pork Side Ranch and their congregation of Folklore Friends are going to uncover who dunnit, bunnies and all, in this improvised murder mystery show. Time for some God-fearin’ fun and fate. Dress in your Sunday best on a Saturday, as Pork Side Ranch presents: Egged To Death: featuring the Father, the Son, and The Holy Roast.

Pork Side Ranch is a NY based improv trio (Jared Palmer Kirsch, Ryan Wallace and Alida Zimmerman). They deliver an immersive improv set unlike anything you’ve seen before. Combining traditional improv forms with trippy musical interludes, Pork Side Ranch’s set lives everywhere in between realism and mystical. Using comedy, music, and movement, PSR delivers a twisted set challenging what improv comedy can look, sound, and feel like. Known as one of Brooklyn’s emerging alt comedy groups, audience members keep coming back saying, “What the f**k was that? Pork Side Ranch is the toast of the town!”

Performers – Pork Side Ranch (Jared Kirsch, Ryan Wallace, Alida Zimmerman) and Elika Plan, Julian Shapiro-Barnum, Jess Elgene, Edson Montenegro, Sloan Brettholtz, and Philip Markle


167 Graham Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11206 United States