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ONe Rad Latina Creativity + Conviction Art Fundraiser

September 4, 2022, 4 am7 pm.

I met ONe Rad Latina in Nov 2021 at their first solo show. They were friendly, open, very engaging with their guests and audience… they made an exhibit opening look rather easy and fun. Since then I’ve had the pleasure to work with ONe on more exhibits and projects.

ONe cares a whole lot about the world and does everything in their power to bring attention and keep awareness on social issues that are not just relevant to the media, but to citizens of the community on a daily basis. The world is full of chaos and confusion and ONe is doing their part to combat the dark matter by educating and informing people who are interested in making change.

A few days ago they called me to check in, see how I was doing in my chaotic life. They reached out during a time I needed people to make time for me, reach out, say hello, and just acknowledge my suffering and effort to heal, keep going, and fight to make good decisions for myself and ultimately the people I love around me.

We spoke for over an hour and in that call I discovered they’re in danger of losing their art studio. I couldn’t believe this news. This is devastating and makes me feel helpless, hopeless, at the mercy of rising rents and sad for the natives being pushed out of their childhood homes, businesses, and studios because of inflating change and gentrification.

Somehow I came to the conclusion I didn’t have to feel helpless or hopeless – I could take action and plan an art show for ONe, make it a fundraiser just for them. I invited them to bring their art to a spectacular little gallery I curate in a wonderful taproom called Endless Life in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and we’re planning for the best.

We invite you and all your friends to contact me and/or ONe to ask how many ways you can help them as well as come out the weekend of September 2-4th to browse the gallery (reception & artist meet & greet Sun 9/4 from 4-7 PM EST) and pick your favorite pieces to take home with you. 100% of all art sold will go toward ONe Rad Latina’s art studio and future projects. I’m excited to donate two photos from my personal collection in hopes they sell and 100% of the proceeds can go to saving ONe’s studio.

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