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New shows featuring Yuriko Shirou, Olga Esther, Li Shanmei, Shiori Matsumoto, and Uffizi show

October 29, 2022, 1:30 pm.
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Haven Gallery is proud to present four different artists that come from different places around the world. The show will be featuring Yuriko Shirou (Mexico), Olga Ester (Spain), Li Shanmei (China), and Shiori Matsumoto (Japan). The shows will be open from October 29th – November 27th, 2022.

Yuriko Shirou is a self-taught Mexican illustrator. “Addictions” is Shirou’s third show at the gallery and consists of eleven haunting paintings consisting of watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pastel color, markers, inks, graphite and color pencils on paper. For this particular collection, the artist continues her pursuit of studying psychological neuroses through her art with a focus on addiction. Her white haired, girlish sitters most notably portrayed as ball jointed dolls, tackle obsessions with gambling, candy, drinking, drugs and other manias.

“Mermaids”, a solo show of new work from Spain based artist Olga Esther. This is Olga’s second solo show at the gallery and features eleven new paintings depicting her quintessential “princesses” as beautiful, sea-faring, half human, half fish, nymphs. Adorned with shells, fish and coral reef crowns, Olga’s princesses exude their iconic regality with timeless splendor. Confrontational yet serene expressions grace her sitters faces through the artists penchant for powerful portraits. Do not let their youthful appearance fool you. There is a timelessness and wisdom present in their eyes with a spark of rebellion.

“Find the way home” is the solo show of new work from China based artist Li Shanmei. This is Shanmei’s second solo show at the gallery and features eight new oil paintings depicting her youthful yet sage archetypes as they coalesce with nature. Her sitters exist in a world where time overlaps. Motifs of the past, present and future are implied in her painted universes. Feelings of harmony and peace persist despite the odds Shanmei’s personages may encounter. Their down turned eyes and serene expressions indicate the knowledge that all things pass, and one may always find their home in nature.

“Sleepless Night” is the solo show of new work from Japan based artist Shiori Matsumoto. “Sleepless Night” is Matsumoto’s first solo show in the United States and features her highly detailed, narrative portraits of her ageless female sitters amidst surrealistic reveries. The setting of nightfall, a time often associated with the unworldly and the curious, pervades this collection. Otherworldly beings, magical forces and transmogrified forms are ever present in her latest series creating mystery around whether Matsumoto’s sitters are in the dreaming or waking world.

“Museum Collections: The Uffizi” is a group show consisting of several different artists. The show is an academic study and re-interpretation of classic paintings or sculptures from this collection. The first of an ongoing series in which artists study and reflect on universal motifs and narratives found throughout art history.

Exhibiting artists include: Flor Padilla, Gina Matarazzo, Ronald Companoca, Orphné Achéron, Yusei Abe, Adam Miller, Jon Ching, aica, Alexis Savopoulos, Zoe Chigi, Andrew K Currey, Cirius, Valéry VECU-Quitard, Marc Le Rest, Nikolas Tower, Chris Mars, Lindsey Carr, Yui Sakamoto, Brian Sostrom