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MUSHROOMS Art Exhibition

This event has already taken place.Tuesdays – Fridays, noon – 6 pm, Saturdays and Sundays, 1 – 5 pm, through March 8;

Curated by vermilion, MUSHROOMS highlights the humble fruiting fungus and the connectedness it builds throughout nature and society


January 26 – March 8, 2023


MUSHROOMS is a visual conversation that engages with the multifaceted and expansive fungi.

vermilion (b. Romania) is a “make-something-out-of-nothing” artist. Her installations, textile art, collages, and assemblages juxtapose social activism with an impulse for playfulness, humor, surprise, and uniqueness. She has presented visual and performance “artivism” events across the U.S. and Europe.

“Art is a catalyst for change. I thought of the current menace of ‘mushroom clouds’ in the war in Ukraine and mental health research investigating the potential of mushrooms in medicine. My dream was not only to present a striking and thought-provoking exhibition but also for Fountain House Gallery to serve as a hub for a variety of events exploring the significance of mushrooms.”

– vermilion

Participating artists: Christine Albane, Elizabeth Atlas, Judith Berman, Elizabeth Borisov, Maria Bronkema, Eugene Eunoia Brukhman, Catherine Campbell, Ariel Chynsky, Donna Faiella, Guiomar Giraldo-Baron, Fiona Heeran, Zeus Hope, Issa Ibrahim, Roger Jones, Louise Kavadlo, Valerie Kerr, Mx. Je’Jae Cleo Mizrahi, Tzu Moy, Debra Nevin, Anthony Newton, Chris Polgar, Jared Rem, Angela Rogers, Tara Sue Salusso, Stephanie Sarnes, Solange Singer, Susan Spangenberg, Deborah Standard, Corey Streeter, Robin Taylor, and Alyson Vega.

Featuring a live plant installation by vermilion, dance performance by Angela Rogers, poetry by Fiona Heeran, video art by Judith Berman.