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Ms T’s Cranky Tales : Hares and Bears

This event has already taken place.Dec. 10, 2 pm.

Ms T, aka Theresa Linnihan, performer and puppeteer, hosts a series of original stories for all ages using the device of a cranky. What’s a cranky? It’s an illustrated scroll, a form of primitive animation that provides whimsical images to Ms. T’s lively narration. The occasional puppet is likely to jump into the action as well.

This series, presented by The Old Stone House, features a new cranky with a seasonal tale at the start of each month. It’s a calendar of our changing stories.

Ms T (aka Theresa Linnihan) performs her third in a series of Cranky Shows in which an original tale unfolds on a scroll of illustrations.

This month:

HARES AND BEARS: Who owns the moon? The Hares have very good reasons why the moon should belong to them. So do the Bears. As they argue about it the moon gets smaller and smaller…