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Library Laptop and Hotspot Loan Orientation Program

January 11, 1 pm.

The Library Laptop and Hotspot Loan Program are made possible by the Emergency Connectivity Fund Program. This program will help relieve millions of patrons and will help close the Homework Gap for students who lack necessary Internet access or the devices to connect to classrooms.  
All eligible students, school staff, and library patrons can borrow a laptop and hotspot at a participating location while supplies last! 
You Must register for and attend an orientation session to participate in this program!
During the orientation session, you must be prepared to present a state ID, and an active library card, and complete a loan application.  
Note: if you need a library card, visit Brooklyn Public Library – Welcome Card Application (bklynlibrary.org) to apply. 
You will also need a Gmail account. If you do not have one, don’t worry, a staff member can assist you with creating an account. 
Please remember to show up on time.
All borrowers must meet the following requirements: 

Need strong internet service at home 
Need an electronic device that can meet educational needs at home 
Have a valid Identification Card and be at least 18 years old or an emancipated minor 
Register and attend an orientation session at one of our participating locations 
Agree to participate in surveys and other evaluations that will help BPL determine the merits of the program 
Agree to the program conditions listed on the online Loan 


7 Wolcott St
Brooklyn, NY 11231 United States