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Let Women Speak Free Speech Event in NYC!

November 14, 2022, 1 pm3 pm.

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‘Let Women Speak USA 2022 Tour’ Closes with Events in Philadelphia and NYC
In the Face of Far-Left Extremism, Women Have Spoken

November 11, 2022: (Philadelphia, PA) The Let Women Speak 2022 USA Tour comes to an end with back-to-back events in Philadelphia and New York City on November 13th and 14th respectively. Each live-streamed event will be included in an upcoming documentary produced by Standing For Women.

Physical intimidation, crowdfunded Antifa threats, weaponized noise, doxxing, broken bones and at least two arrests resulted out of coordinated attacks by far-left trans rights activists and big tech to prevent women from reaching the wider public with truths that would halt and reverse course on the spread of gender ideology across America.

Throughout the four-week, 10-stop tour, UK-based women’s rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen and her supporters have shone sunlight on the major conflicts between gender ideology policies and the sex-based rights of women and girls, including male sex offenders currently raping incarcerated women in American prisons, and girls being forced to accept intimate care performed by men.

Mothers and detransitioners have presented first-hand experience and statistics that prove children receiving “gender-affirming” medical care are being given irreversibly damaging off-label, experimental drugs, as well as being butchered through the removal of their healthy body parts as young as 13 years-old.

“I came to the USA to document the voices of women on the front line of this war. Their stories and struggles are important to record as, so often, we get lost in the retelling of our lives. I found an incredible collection of women who found their courage in the face of this existential threat of what it means to be a woman. I watched these ordinary women become extraordinary. From the determined but shaky voices that spoke with such eloquence, despite intimidation and violence, to the rousing speeches that served as truthful sermons, their dissent has been recorded.

The mothers that grieve for their children lost to this cult remain at the forefront of my mind, as I see this entire fight through the lens of motherhood and the love I have for my own children. I saw divided women find unity through this cause, maybe this is the most positive side effect of this pernicious ideology. As this Let Women Speak tour occurred with the backdrop of the midterm elections, it became unavoidably apparent that, whilst our fight is political, we are above party politics. We are the constituency of women and we will not lose this war. – Kellie-Jay Keen, Founder of Standing for Women.

Remaining Tour Dates:
November 13, Philadelphia, PA: 1 p.m. at the Liberty Bell (523 Market Street).
November 14, NYC, NY: 1-3 p.m. at City Hall Park (Broadway and Murray Street across from Citibank).
(All times are local)

Keen has hosted dozens of Let Women Speak events across the UK, most recently in Brighton with hundreds in attendance. In addition to verbal abuse, trans rights activists hurled smoke bombs at the speakers and their supporters. At least three arrests were made, including one man carrying a bag of knives.

A regular target of harassment from trans rights activists, Keen has been repeatedly visited by UK police for public statements about gender ideology. Most recently, in July, she was told that a YouTube video she made about child safeguarding was “untoward about pedophiles,” which had been recorded as a “hate crime.”

In March, Keen made a splash protesting the NCAA Women’s Swimming Finals, in which Lia Thomas, a trans-identified male, was named the “first transgender NCAA Champion.” While debating the fairness of males competing in women’s sports, Keen was asked, “Are you a biologist?” She replied, “I’m not a vet, but I know what a dog is,” the video of which went internationally viral.

Keen is a steady presence across international media. She has appeared on NBC News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News, Newsmax, GB News, Daily Mail UK, Metro, PinkNews.com, Reduxx, Yahoo! News, The Times, The Sun, The Post Millennial, The Spectator and more.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Kellie-Jay Keen:
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Standing for Women Twitter account: @standingforxx
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KellieJayKeen
Website: www.standingforwomen.com

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