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Labor Day Weekend at Flatbush Central Caribbean Marketplace


Join Flatbush Central Caribbean Marketplace for a weekend-long celebration ahead of the annual Labor Day/West Indian Day Parade, including live music and DJ’s, food tastings, pop-up shops, community health screenings and extended overnight hours as well as the launch of the market’s first ever giftbox entitled “Likkle Barrel,” featuring products by the legacy entrepreneurs of Flatbush Central Caribbean Marketplace.


Full programming schedule:

Friday, 9/2 

Legacy Marketplace: 10 am – 9 pm 

Likkle Barrel Market Gift Box Launch

Featured Pop-Up Vendors:  Bring Heritage Home,  Wukkout!, Carry On Friends*, Merch Carnival, Island Love Cakes,  Zanset Tea, Solo Scoop Creamery

Mangrove FC:  Information Session


Saturday 9/3:  

Legacy Marketplace: 10 am – 10 pm 

Likkle Barrel Market Gift Box Launch

Featured Pop-Up Vendors:  Zanset Tea, Carry On Friends, Merch Carnival, Cremas Absalon,  84 Gem, Bree and Milly

Mangrove FC: 12 – 2pm

  • Drinks, Bites and Tours
  • Restaurant Opportunities Centers United:  Worker’s Bill of Rights Open Session

      DJ: DJ Benzi, 12-4 pm  

      Guest DJ: 4-8 pm                   

      Entertainment: Carnyval Dancers/The Kross Movement, 3 pm – 4 pm; Movie    

      Screening of Bazodee 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm  

      Plaza Pop-Up Vendor: Patrick Burrell – Prepackaged Kettle Corn

      Special*: Mt. Sinai Mobile Prostate Cancer Screening Unit (Blk Men’s Health 

      Initiative, Along Caton Avenue-parking Lane)  


     Sunday 9/4: 

     Legacy Marketplace: 11 am – 12 am (open overnight)

     Likkle Barrel Market Gift Box Launch

     Featured Pop-up Vendors: Cremas Absalon, Brewing Hearts 

     Live DJ: 12-4 pm, 5pm -12 am      

     Entertainment: Island Interlude 4 pm – 8 pm  

     Mangrove FC:  Tours and Light Refreshments

     Entertainment: Double Dutch + dominoes + cards 


     Monday 9/5:

     Legacy Marketplace: 12am – 12pm

     Likkle Barrel Market Gift Box Launch

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