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“@JennaFischer,” an Off Off Broadway One Lesbian Show

January 24, 7 pm.
2022.10.29-002-Winnie Stack-@Jenna Fischer-BCC_CR5_7000

Picture this: You just turned eleven years old— things are going smoothly. Until, one fateful day, you turn on the TV and discover a show called “The Office.” Suddenly things are far more complicated–your journal’s gonna hear about this. “@JennaFischer” tracks Winnie Stack’s journey as a gay tween and the discovery of her unrequited love for the actress Jenna Fischer. Through original journal entries from 2007, characters, and audience interaction, this one hour play will invite viewers to reminisce upon their own childhood questions, pains, and first loves.

Featuring Will Braithwaite

Performed by Winnie Stack

Directed by Emma Stack


NY United States