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Jeff Jakobs & Friends Vinyl Release Show

January 28, 8 pm10:30 pm.

Jeff Jakobs is excited to wrap up his Milk Barn Sessions vinyl release tour at the Jalopy Theatre, with openers Robert Leslie and The Moonskippers. This is a celebration not just of the past two years of album production, but the overall musical style Jakobs has developed organically for over a decade. The concert will also be live streamed on his Facebook page.

Pitch Perfect describes The Milk Barn Sessions as “rustic poetry,” filled with “slyly humorous lyricism, clever metaphor, and brilliant turns-of-phrase.” The album was an opportunity for Jakobs to take his usual solo acoustic music to the studio, or milk barn, for a chance to expand his sonic palette. Brass choirs, psychedelic harmonica, and orchestral strings evoke Bohemian cafes and early Tom Waits. Singles from the album have aired on local radio stations, including being featured on WFUV’s “NY Slice.” Jakobs will also be debuting his brand new backing band for the release tour.

A NYC-based, self-taught musician, Jakobs performs around the city at venues such as the historic William Barnacle Tavern and Theatre 80, Anyway Cafe, Arts On Site and folk festivals like Porch Stomp. His background in theater and comedy shines through in his live performances, while his band adds further dimensions to his dreamy blues and ballads.
The Milk Barn Sessions is now streaming everywhere.


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