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Good Grief Movement Lab: The Future of Wholeness

August 19, 2023, 6 pm9 pm.
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People of the Global Majority (PGM), have you heard? There is such a thing as good grief.
On August 19 & 20, our journey of discovery continues with The Good Grief Movement Lab: The Future of Wholeness, a women’s event brought to you by Mimi Chiahemen & Kahshanna Evans.
This 2-day immersive mind/body workshop for women was created for soulful seekers, life hackers, and sacred storytellers who are ready to decolonize wellbeing. The Future of Wholeness combines Eastern movement, ancestral mindfulness, and Western real-talk to tap the future of overall wellbeing.
Day 1 (Aug 19) ➤➤ We’ll kick off The Future of Wholeness at Urban Asanas, Brooklyn
Day 2 (Aug 20) ➤➤ We’ll circle up at an undisclosed beach location