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Going Deeper LLC Compassion Cosmetics in TIMES SQUARE

January 1.

Have you heard of Going Deeper LLC Compassion Cosmetics? Well, WE are a cosmetic line with a PASSION for our PURPOSE.  WE are based in the North Bronx and WE need YOUR support! Our founder, Liliana Vissally, founded this company to help trauma-impacted mothers and daughters–those abused, raped, molested, trafficked, and so on. Her mission is to change the lives of women and educate the public by putting a face and story in the forefront of a cosmetic line. Compassion Cosmetics is a YEAR old!! To celebrate, WE have a BILLBOARD in TIMES SQUARE displaying who we are and what we stand for on JANUARY 1st ONLY from 12 a.m. to 11 p.m. If you are interested in getting to know Liliana and the women behind Compassion Cosmetics, get to know more about the cause, purchase products, or make a monetary donation, please come out to Times Square on NEW YEAR’s DAY! Let’s start off the New Year on a GREAT NOTE!! See you there!


NY United States

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