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Gestating Baby Volume 6: Mia Martelli and Justin Maxwell

This event has already taken place.Sept. 21 – 23, 7:30 – 9 pm,

Gestating Baby is a semi-regular series of split bill performances curated by Theresa Buchheister and Ryan William Downey that presents new and unpredictable works across the spectrum of theatrical performing arts. It began in 2013 at The Silent Barn and is now revived at The Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY.

Sitting by a body of water in the dark mythologizes Ewa Partum’s 1971 performance film “Active Poetry”, in which Partum’s tosses paper letters into various natural environments, letting them be carried by the wind or water. Set on the beach and in a wash of 90s electronic music, this duet confronts the invisible with movement, vocalizations, and animal imagery. Language, prayer, and karaoke crest and fall and reduce to somatic potential.

Moise and the World of Reason
adapted from the Tennessee Williams novel by Justin Maxwell

Loneliness threatens to overwhelm a struggling writer. One chapter of his life is ending, does a new chapter begin or does his story end?


628 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States