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First Christmas In America – Holiday Event for Ukranian Immigrants

December 19, 2022, 5 pm7 pm.
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Date: Monday, December 19, 2022

Location: Wise Restaurant, VIP room, Address: 35 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Time:     5:00 pm – our complimentary Holiday Reception (non alcohol) for Ukrainian refugees (adults). Recognizing Ukranian refugees.

2 Hours program.

On behalf of all our Ukranian Families and Children immigrants, who have been displaced by the war in Ukraine, and the “TraNa Relief Association” (non profit organizations of           volunteers for 10 months) we would love to invite you to attend and cover our 1st Holiday Event to welcome our Ukranian nationals to their first Christmas in America, far from home.

It would be our utmost pleasure to have you join us, as official representatives of our national, local and state news company to show continued solidarity and support for these families and children who are now finding their way as newcomers in a new land.

Let’s come together, and show them the warmth, kindness and generosity of the holiday spirit and the true nature of the American Dream!

Now that they are here, let’s make them feel at home, and bring them light and joy of the season, as well as hope, happiness, possibility and prosperity that they can achieve in the upcoming New Year 2023.

We all pray for a speedy end to the war in Ukraine, but also to new beginnings here in the USA!

For more information, please contact Natalia Travilina:

Email: [email protected] or call/text: 916.586.1167

Thank you so very much! It would be an honor to have you!