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‘Environmental Memorial’ & ‘Constructive Interference’

Thursdays – Sundays, 1 – 6 pm, through March 26;
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On View: February 25 – March 26, 2023
Opening Reception: Sat., Feb. 25, 5:30 – 8pm

Environmental Memorial
Linda Cunningham

Linda Cunningham’s work confronts our relationships with both urban and natural landscapes. Her tangible work, the canvases and sculptures, tell of the frayed nature of this relationship. Torn edges and severed images evoke our 21st century participation in a precarious process of transience and change. The artist often poses the veracity of the photo-based transferred images against interpretive, fluid calligraphic drawing lines and forms that seduce the viewer to take in what is often a discomforting, underlying content.

This exhibition presents several large paintings, made during the past two years. Two paintings, with their voraciously swirling applications of paint depict the force of the elements that have become unpredictable and destructive. The forbidding, rugged edges and the awkwardness of the shapes of the sculpture pieces in the installation “…like time and change” give an immediate impression of where we are heading on this planet. The work is made of sand-cast bronze and steel components, and it is paired with the painting Clear Cut, a devastated landscape of left-over, cut down pieces of what was once a powerful tree. The work in the exhibition does not preach or accuse. It offers a clear-eyed view of this moment in our human history.

Bronx-based artist Linda Cunningham’s work was featured in an alternative documenta Kassel, Germany, the Bronx Museum, the American University in Paris, and in galleries in Europe and New York. She has executed many public sculptures, commissions and is the founder of the Bronx Art Space.



Constructive Interference
Barbara Campisi

Barbara Campisi creates magical installations and objects that provoke curiosity and a sense of discovery. In an abstract form she translates visual perceptions and bodily sensations into captivating, ethereal spaces, and objects. The properties of light and space and the color of air are transformed through her art into physical form.

In this exhibition the artist achieves these transformations with three works. Two are mounted on the wall and seemingly appear out of nowhere. A large sculpture stands in the middle of the room and projects light waves of constructed interference throughout the space. Beautiful and almost playful, these light sculptures are alive with a sense of allure and enchantment.

Informal Q+A with the artist: Sunday, March 12, 2-4pm

Barbara Campisi lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  Her light based installations, sculptures and related paintings have been exhibited widely in NY and nationally: i.e. Schema Projects, Momenta Gallery in NTC, the Tang Teaching Museum in Saratoga and many others. Her work has been written about by the New York Times, The Brooklyn Rail, Newday and Cover Magazine. She has participated in many artist residencies.  https://www.barbaracampisi.com/

Gallery Hours: Thu – Sun, 1 – 6pm


558 St Johns Pl.
Brooklyn, 11238