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Concrete Jungle: Free Tours of Times Square Through Augmented Reality

August 27, 2022.

Learn about the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Celebration and the history of Times Square while exploring five distinct animal worlds: Insects, Reptiles, Birds, Jungle, and Savanna, through augmented reality.

Start your FREE guided tour with a Park Ranger at 43rd Street & Broadway OR by The Red Steps on 47th Street & Broadway. This is an IRL (in real life) event in Times Square, New York.

Experience the first digital safari powered by augmented reality (AR) technology and cinematic storytelling in Times Square. Concrete Jungle will transform the public plazas between 43rd and 47th Streets along Broadway and 7th Avenue, into five different animal worlds. Akin to Pokémon Go but much more interactive, you can marvel at supersized animals, play games to engage with your live environment, and take selfies with AR animals! Find one of the Park Rangers for a free 30-minutes tour Thursday, August 25th to Sunday, August 28th!

Come explore Times Square and the latest AR technology like you never had before.

Download the Concrete Jungle AR app now or before the start of your tour.

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