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CBH Talk | Of Manacles and Monuments – Act 1: History, Monuments, and Reframing the Narrative

May 9, 6:30 pm8:30 pm.
Of Manacles and Monuments is a three-part public programming series co-presented by the Center for Brooklyn History and More Art. The series is inspired by Fred Wilson’s public artwork Mind Forged Manacles/Manacle Forged Minds which is on view in Columbus Park, Downtown Brooklyn.

This first program in the series looks at history and monuments and asks the questions, “Who tells our national story?” “What role do our monuments play in that telling?” “How are erased stories brought into the light?” and “How are false narratives seized and disrupted?” Artist Nona Faustine, professor Mabel O. Wilson, and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Assistant Commissioner of Public Art Kendal Henry unpack issues around race, archives, statue toppling, and the power of monuments in public space. Moderated by Lambent Foundation’s Michelle Coffey, with a response by Fred Wilson.

Following the discussion Fred Wilson will guide interested attendees to Columbus Park for a viewing of Mind Forged Manacles and to reflect on its siting near statues of Henry Ward Beecher, Christopher Columbus, and in front of the Kings County Supreme Court building.