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Branching Out February 15, 16, 17 10AM & 12PM

February 15, 5 am8:30 am.


Branching Out is an original immersive theater production with music and dance.  It is designed for audiences on the autism spectrum and those who may have limited movement, sensory and/or complex communication needs.

Branching Out encourages audiences to embrace adventure and celebrate change, while exploring sensory experiences and the wonder of the four seasons.  Audiences will participate in a variety of sensory experiences — such as feeling the cold of winter, smelling the flowers of spring, catching fireflies in the summer and more!  Participation is optional and customized for each participant.  Audience size is limited to 20 participants.

An original production, produced and created by Tilles Center for the Performing Arts.

All ages welcome!

To request tickets for Branching Out, click here. 

Questions? Contact Megan Montemurro, Arts Education Coordinator at 516-299-3966, [email protected]


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