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Auto-Organics: Robots for a Living Earth

February 17, 7 pm11:30 pm.
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“Auto-Organics: Robots for a Living Earth”; a multimedia art show presented by //PIXELMOUTH. It will be taking place at Grace Space (182 Avenue C, 10009, NY – https://www.grace-exhibition-space.com) on February 17th 2023 from 7pm-11pm. It will be a combined performance and installation show, including artists of many disciplines such as 3D animation, live coded visuals, sculpture, glitch projection, musical performance, dance, experimental video game and more.

“Auto-Organics: Robots for a Living Earth” is a proclamation.

Our central focus: biomimicry – the ways that digital and natural worlds mirror each other. Centering the digital world around its biotic origins is a necessary first step towards integrating the digital into the natural. When building a digital world the only world we can look to for examples is the natural world, so all digital creations by necessity involve some mimicry of the natural, the alive. Our wire networks become root systems, and our A.I. evolves like an organism, mutating and rearranging. The show rests in the space where machines and forests can nurture each other.

The reflection of the natural world exists in all digital creations.


182 Avenue C
New York, 10009