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A Soundfull Autumn

This event has already taken place.Oct. 22, Nov. 12, 6 – 8 pm.

     .soundfullness transforms outdoor spaces into places of deep listening.

It begins with a piano found in pieces outside of a bar in Queens…

…Artist Douglas Paulson and pianist Nicole Brancato dragged it to an empty lot and reassembled it, weaving objects into the strings and taping simple electronics to the soundboard: breathing new life into an instrument that had been meant for the trash…
Doug and Nicole celebrate the remarkable machinations of the piano by joyfully subverting its conventions: a ubiquitous musical instrument that’s seen alternately as precious or as furniture.

They play the piano – and play with the piano – to rediscover sound and the mechanics that make sound. They invite the public to share in these experiments and play: to get under the hood and tinker; to stuff a bolt in the strings and tickle the ivories.

     Join them for their free Autumn series at Smiling Hogshead Ranch to explore the beautiful gardens and immerse yourself in the music. Supported in part by the Queens Council on the Arts.





25-30 Skillman Ave.
Long Island City, 11101