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January 7, 1 pm.

GU-PIT GU-PIT; which means ‘cut-cut’ in the Tagalog language of the Philippines, is a comprehensive form of 3-dimensional design that utilizes basic tools such as scissors, ruler, glue, and a simple piece of paper. Originated by Master Ben, there are no exclusions with Gu-pit Gu-pit; anyone can do it, with or without art ability or experience. Gu-pit Gu-pit encourages resourcefulness, allowing the student to access unlimited potential with the completion and display of each project. Continuing the artistic and educational legacy of Master Ben, Mr. GUY will instruct the students with the basic techniques involving the cutting, scoring, and bending to create one-piece paper sculpture; skills requisite for the journey to an awareness of 3-dimensional design.


For Children Ages 8-12. Registration Required.


1985 Westchester Avenue
Bronx, New York United States